21 Carpenter for HealthServe

21 Carpenter, a URA conserved heritage boutique hotel, was once known as Chye Hua Seng Wee Kee, a remittance house. It stands as a sanctuary, a testament to our ancestors who crafted a refuge where migrant workers could pen love letters home and stay connected with their loved ones. Their lives were marked by hardship then, a reality that persists for some even now.

In acknowledging the pivotal role migrant workers have contributed in shaping Singapore into the nation it is today, 21 Carpenter endeavors to give back. Grounded in our heritage, we seek to enrich the lives of those who have journeyed here, upholding our vision of “Inspiring the Thoughtful Evolution in Hospitality”

As a token of our gratitude, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and, designating HealthServe as the beneficiary.

Established in 2006, HealthServe is an IPC registered charity dedicated to serve disadvantaged migrant workers through the provision of holistic and affordable care, from medical and mental health services to casework support and other forms of social assistance.

Join us in reaching our SGD88,000 goal for HealthServe within the next 6 months.

Together as a community, we can truly make a meaningful impact on their lives.

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HealthServe is IPC registered charity, making donations tax-deductible.