21 Carpenter Main Entrance

The preservation of things that stand the test of time

Brought to life by award-winning architectural firm, WOHA Architects, 21 Carpenter is a masterpiece in reclaiming storied materials, emblems, and inscriptions from the original remittance house, giving them new life, and the possibility for new stories.


Paying homage to a storied past

In an ever changing world, 21 Carpenter recognizes the importance of staying connected to our cultural heritage; bridging the past with the present, and cultivating a sense of belonging. As we breath new life into 21 Carpenter’s storied history, we’ve carefully woven poignant verses from vintage remittance letters, into the elegant design of the aluminium facade.


Preserving the past to protect the future

We are proud to be custodians of 21 Carpenter’s fabled past, and privileged to be protectors of our community’s future.

In the way we work with and support the local community.
In our design vision of using reclaimed heritage materials.
In our operating policy of zero plastics across the entire hotel.

We stand by a more thoughtful approach to sustainability, and by a daily commitment to a greener tomorrow.

21 Carpenter is in the process of attaining the BCA Green Mark Certification


At 21 Carpenter, we believe Thoughtfulness is an art form that can be cultivated and perfected.

Playfully referencing the poetically crafted letters of the original remittance house patrons, we express our ethos of thoughtfulness each day through the mantra “Thoughtfully Yours”.

More than just an expression, “Thoughtfully Yours” is a philosophy that unites our team in dedication to our guests. So to all who walk through our doors, our promise is to uphold the selfless thoughtfulness of our forefathers in all that we do.


21 Carpenter was constructed with the aspiration to cater to a diverse community, a vision we hold steadfast to this day. Every piece of artwork you encounter, every reclaimed material you interact with, and every fresh produce you savour has been carefully selected through purposeful collaborations with Singapore’s emerging artisans, innovators, and achievers.

These are the individuals and products we hold in high regard, and we aspire to share their excellence with the wider world.

Distinguished art consultancy, The Artling, has thoughtfully curated a collection of captivating pieces by local artists to adorn the interiors of 21 Carpenter, breathing new life and vibrancy into spaces. Discover engaging conversational pieces from Heman Chong, Khairulddin Wahab and many others during your stay with us.


Feel the great beats and awesome vibes from the moment you enter 21 Carpenter. With the globally acclaimed maestro, DJ Aldrin, skillfully crafting the musical ambiance at 21 Carpenter and Kee’s, you know you’re stepping into a party.


21 Carpenter has teamed up with Trapeze, a holistic wellness club, to offer our guests with exceptional wellness services. Located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, explore four floors of wellness experiences, including a range of classes and a cozy in-house café designed to enhance the holistic wellbeing of individuals striving for balance in mind, body, and spirit.

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Teaming up with home grown clothing brand IN GOOD COMPANY, 21 Carpenter brings timeless style and comfortable custom robes to our guests. This collaboration embodies our commitment in breaking free from conventions and reinventing classics to bring in new design stories that will stand the test of time


Samuel Ng, the visionary behind In Personam, a distinguished Singapore custom clothier, is the mastermind behind the design of the uniforms for 21 Carpenter. Embracing his vision to craft pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia, he has ingeniously conceptualized sets that are a contemporary reinterpretation, seamlessly blending modernity with comfort.


Collaborating with Singaporean artist Liu Liling, 21 Carpenter enhances the cozy ambiance with custom linen bed throws and pouches for a welcoming experience. Crafted by local seamstresses, each piece is handmade, and the natural hues are inspired by one of Liu’s artworks, reflecting the serene oasis of the hotel’s surroundings.


Indulge in the craftsmanship of our beautiful cups and saucers, exclusively crafted by Un Studio. Drawing inspiration from the elegant calligraphy strokes found in historical remittance letters, each cup is a nostalgic embrace of the past, inviting you to savor the essence of bygone eras


For a fresh taste and clear conscience, 21 Carpenter proudly serve Purezza’s premium water in house daily. Choosing Purezza over bottled water not only delivers great-tasting water, but also helps us collectively reduce our carbon footprint. A small daily act that supports our commitment to sustainability during each guest’s stay.


In collaboration with Soda Lemon, 21 Carpenter offers for all hotel guests a sustainable and sleek toothbrush holder made from repurposed glassware. The upcycling of materials in our hotel aligns with 21 Carpenter’s commitment to sustainability, and demonstrates our belief in the power of small changes for a greener environment.


Experience luxury and tranquillity in a single spray with Respite, a bespoke pillow mist formulated by 21 Carpenter in collaboration with Ollie. Carefully curated with essential oils of Bergamot, Geranium, and Chamomile, this exclusive blend promises a restful night’s sleep for our cherished guests. Exclusively available at 21 Carpenter.



Discover the captivating social spaces at 21 Carpenter, where people gather together to celebrate special moments and forge unforgettable memories. We bring to life, what you can only imagine.

The Lobby

Nestled in the heart of the hotel beneath a triple-volume glass skylight, the lobby is where 21 Carpenter’s cosy intimacy meets the city’s vibrant energy. Communal workspace, cocktail destination, and anytime snug all in one, the lobby is the beating heart of the hotel and its culture.

Led by Michelin Star Chef Andrew Walsh as Culinary Director, Kee’s cuisine focuses on modern European fare alongside a thoughtfully curated array of Pan-Asian dishes. With a lively bar and a chef’s table taking centre stage, Kee’s is your vibrant neighbourhood social space, all set to dish out the good times 7 days a week!

Garden Terrace

Our Garden Terrace is the hidden gem of the hotel, a private and luxurious space for hotel guests to unwind and rejuvenate among a canopy of foliage and greenery. Whether you seek a moment of quiet reflection, a captivating backdrop for intimate conversations, or an unforgettable setting for a private event, the space promises peaceful moments of wonder.

Rooftop Infinity Pool & Lounge

Perched up amongst the rooftops, our sun-filled Conservatory and adjacent Infinity Pool offer a private space for our hotel guests’ refreshment. Take a moment’s pause in the cool, comfy confines of the air-conditioned Conservatory, before plunging into crystal waters with the majestic city vista at your feet. This rooftop is sure to inspire new dreams of Singapore — that is if you can ever bear to leave.

We are part of the prestigious Design Hotels™ portfolio