[key/ss] noun. OR [ki/ss] noun.
a lively and vibrant neighbourhood Neo-bistro & Bar
a charming social space for amazing food and fantastic vibes

A Flavourful Journey

Say hello to Kee’s, a name that playfully tips its hat to the building’s 1936 roots as the remittance house, Chye Hua Seng Wee Kee – a lively history where diverse cultures collided.

Today, Kee’s is a vibrant social space once more. Revamped by the creative minds at WOHA, the interior design boasts a mashup of contemporary chic and swanky vibes straight out of the 1930s Art Deco banking halls. With a lively bar and a chef’s table taking centre stage, we are all set to dish out the good times!

Andrew Walsh

Michelin-starred chef Andrew Walsh is set to take the reins as the Culinary Director for Kee’s, the highly anticipated neo-bistro dining concept. With influences drawn from his ongoing global journeys, Walsh will head the team in creating an exceptional culinary journey that seamlessly blends the ever-evolving worlds of cuisine and culture.